Technology Made Simple
Symbiotic Engine™

Technology Made Simple
Symbiotic Engine™

Symbiotic EngineTM: Dynamic, adaptable, software suite for use by T4i engineering devices; a true game changer!

Symbiotic EngineTM : Efficient exchange of data and resources among software, firmware and hardware through use of screen buttons that

  • Launch a sequence of commands 
  • Automate operations
  • Exchange data and resources through smart algorithms
  • Autopilot options for automation
  • Diagnostic tools for early maintenance
  • Expandable data bases

Modules acting as independent screens that

  • Operate the device (Control Module)
  • Display all important parameter values and alarms (Monitor Module)
  • Provide and record time-stamped messages (Message Box Module)
  • Display live streams of signals (Live streams Module)

Symbiotic EngineTM:  authorization and authentication. Authorization and authentication guarantees security for all T4i engineering devices and allows better management of the users.

Symbiotic EngineTM: Managing of relevant  inventories

Symbiotic EngineTM: Overlaying chemical data on maps

Symbiotic EngineTM: Enabling USB or WiFi data transmission and near real-time monitoring

Symbiotic EngineTM: Consolidated reports that summarize data and  information

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