The flying detector

The flying detector

Versatile, robust, miniaturized, IoT-by-design chemical detector for mounting on-board robotic vehicles and UAVs. Equipped with Symbiotic Engine, breakthrough software that provides and state-of-the-art Human Machine Interface; it allows sharing of resources among hardware, software and firmware.

T4i DOVER: GC-PID Version

SMS (Sample Modulation Separation): the core technology of T4i DOVERTM

Fast, dynamic, sampling system and fast, LTM GC in one miniaturized unit. Hyphenated with PID for ultra-low detection limit (0.5 ppb), fast response time (3-4 s). Higher detection levels (ppm) are available.

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SMS: Principles of operation

SMS unit: 1. Sample inlet 2. Small tube for sharp sample injections as short as 100ms 3. COTS capillary column (30cm – 15m long) 4. Low Thermal Mass Gas Chromatography.

Symbiotic Engine for T4i DOVERTM

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T4i DOVER™: Selective Applications

Benzene monitoring

BTEX monitoring

Screening area for hazardous compounds

Detection of specific compounds

Sampling air spiked with oxathiane (A) and divinylsulfoxide (B) at 10ppm for 4s through a 2m GC column at 3ml/min and isothermal at 60°C. Y-axis sensor output (mV) and X-axis time (s).
Sensor response at different concentrations of divinyl sulfoxide and 1,4-oxathiane at 50°C and 60°C GC temperature levels when sampling for 4 seconds. Y-axis sensor output (mV) and X-axis concentration (ppb).
Ref: George C. Pallis, George P. Psarras, Julia Vamvakari, Matti J. Kuula, Harri Kiljunen, Hanna I. Lignell, Paula Vanninen, A fast, miniaturized, real-time unit for sampling, modulation and separation in detection of hazardous chemicals, Anal. Chem. 2020, 92, 21, 14589–14593

Fusion of chemical signals with thermal Images

T4i DOVER™ combines thermal images with chemical signals for enhancing detection and identification of compounds and events. Firmware and software integrate two orthogonal techniques for enhancing performance and efficiency and for supporting reliability of results.

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