Electronics Technician and Electronics Engineer

About the job

T4i engineering are looking to hire an electronics technician and an electronics engineer, who will help us during the assembly, testing and demonstration of our devices onsite, at our customer premises or in the field, in order to decrease our time-to-customer.
In the job description R&D in the framework of EU and privately funded projects is also included for our products.
Our lineup consists of next generation, miniaturised chemical vapour sensing and calibration solutions, which integrate electronic, mechanical and pneumatic components. We are looking for someone with experience in hand soldering SMD components and through hole electromechanical components like micro-valves and pumps.
The ideal candidates should be available to travel abroad (within Europe) in order to visit business partners and customers. Junior candidates with proven training are welcome to apply.
We take pride in our work and strive to deliver top quality instruments to our customers.

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